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Shopify Settings

How to edit your Shopify eCommerce platform settings.

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Introduction 📖

This article will go over the various settings you have access to and how to troubleshoot common issues such as errors with installation and how to sync collections/products. We'll also go over API and Order Settings.

Navigation 📍

Head to Settings in the bottom left of your dashboard.

Select Shopify from the sub-menu.

Instructions ⚙️

Store Settings

If you have any issues with a specific aspect of the account, you can Re-Apply this, which should resolve any issue that is occurring for you. If any issues persist, please contact support.

Note: If you have made any custom changes to the Fullpage Widget using the “Re-apply” option will remove those changes, so make sure you have them saved somewhere

If you’re setting up rules that are specifically tied to a collection or a product, and these aren’t appearing in your list. You can sync those here 👆

Platform API (Plus plan or above)

You can launch the documentation, and view your API key, to allow you to further customise the platform to your own needs.

Order Settings

Here you can control 👇

  • When a customer is rewarded with their points

  • How you handle points in the event of a refund

  • How many points are awarded to a customer based on their basket value

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