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StampCard - Widget Settings
StampCard - Widget Settings

Setup how the StampCard widget will appear

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Introduction πŸ“–

The StampCard is a great way to encourage loyalty, and retain customers by offering set rewards after a specific amount of orders.


βœ… Starter Plan or higher
​*Some settings require the plus plan, which will be highlighted with an asterisk

Navigation πŸ“

Select Widgets on the left hand side to open the Widget Library and select Floating Widget πŸ‘‡

Instructions βš™οΈ

To learn how to manage your StampCard settings please click here.


Here you can select a hero image for your stamp card ⬇️


In the Panel editor, you can change the background and text colour along with changing the width, border and padding settings of the widget.

The tooltips refers to the background and color of the pop-up when hovering over a reward within the stamp order like shown above πŸ‘†

Here you can also enable this on the floating & Popup widget - there is also an app embed within Shopify to install this on dedicated pages.


Here you can either opt for our default image stamps or use the drop-down to then upload your own custom image! Here you can also change the Stamp Slot Colour.

The Stamps section also allows you to decide on the position of the stamps. The Random option makes this different on every stamp, to simulate someone physically stamping the card, or static keeps this uniform across the stamp card.

You can also enable the "blob" which will highlight any stamps which contain a reward.


Within the text section, you can change the Footer text, font colour & size. As well as the widget language.

Stamp Card in Action

Here's how the Stamp Card looks on a live site ⬇️

Missing a Stamp?

If a customer of yours is missing a stamp, you can easily add this for them from the dashboard. You just need to search for them in your customers, click on their account and then add a stamp to their stamp card. This is how it will look πŸ‘‡

Here is an example of the StampCard being used by a client of ours:

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