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File Upload Earn Rule
File Upload Earn Rule

Allow customers to upload files for points

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Introduction πŸ“–

This earn rule allows customers to upload a file within the widget, to be sent to your team to approve or deny for points. If you have customers that shop directly in-store, they could upload their receipts to earn points for their purchases. This also could allow you to award customers if they purchase products from your brand via other retailers. Or use this as an opportunity to collect more UGC from your customers.

Although these are only suggestions, there are no limits to what you can request your customers to upload.


βœ… Plus plan or higher

Navigation πŸ“

To create an Earn Rule, you will first need to navigate to Loyalty Program >> Earn and Redeem Rules πŸ‘‡

Instructions βš™οΈ

Once this has been done, scroll to Earn Rules & select the file upload option πŸ‘‡

Here you can select how many points people will get once their upload has been approved, you can also add a description so the customer knows what they should be uploading & that they will be awarded their points after you have manually approved this.

Once customers have uploaded their images you can view images that customers have uploaded and approve or deny these. You can also add a unique identifier, which will prevent you from approving the same image twice.

Customer Journey πŸ›€

In this example, we will be using the full-page widget, but this will be the same across all widgets.

Within the full page widget the customer will select to upload a file, and select which file they'd like to upload, and submit it πŸ‘‡

When they click into the rule again, they can see the file they've uploaded and view the status of the file upload to see if this has been approved or rejected. If this has been approved they will have been awarded the points.

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