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Introduction πŸ“–

The popup widget is a great option to promote your Loyalty program on-site πŸŽ‰


βœ… Influence.io Starter Plan or higher

Note: Not all customisations are available on all of our plans.

Navigation πŸ“

Enter the Widget Library and select the Popup πŸ‘‡

Instructions βš™οΈβ€‹

Theme 🎨

We offer 3 themes for the full page widget πŸ‘‡

  • Minimal

  • Dark

  • Vibrant

This comes down to personal preference, and we suggest clicking through each to see which theme you prefer before making any other significant edits to the widget.

Launcher πŸš€

The launcher tab controls the pre-opened widget aesthetic. You can customise the appearance, text, colours, position, spacing and borders.


To edit the panel for the Floating Widget, use the Panel tab in the Sub Menu.

Buttons, Inputs & Cards πŸ”˜

To edit the design of the buttons, inputs & cards, use the Buttons, Inputs & Cards tab in the Sub Menu.


You can alter the Font-Styles under the β€˜Font Styles' sub-menu.

Text & Icons

You can alter the Text & Icons under the β€˜Text & Icons’ sub menu.

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