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Setting up the Earn rules within influence.io

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Introduction πŸ“–

There are multiple ways you can allow your customers to earn points. This article will explain how you can set all of these up.

Navigation πŸ“

From the menu in the dashboard select Loyalty Programs >> Earn & Redeem

Instructions βš™οΈ

Creating Earn Rule

To create a new rule, you need to press the Add option to earn

General Settings

There are certain options which are universal across all earn rules

This controls the status of the earn rule, and if customers will be awarded for completing the action.

Note: This option is dependent on the status of the earn & redeem section. If you have set the earn rule to active, but have disabled the program, customers won’t receive points for this.

The title of this will determine how the earn rule is displayed within emails, widgets & analytics.

This allows you to define the icon that displays within the widget, you can include custom icons to make the platform completely custom to your band.

You can schedule earn rules for specific time periods. For example if you wanted to run extra points for an event over New Years, you could schedule the earn rule to only be applied on the specified dates.

Note: This is only available on the Plus plan or higher

You can make earn rules specific to Loyalty Tiers, so if you wanted to award more points for someone in the highest tier, you can create different rules to award them more points per spend.

Note: This is only available on the Plus plan or higher

Sign up on website πŸ’» (Free Plan or higher)

When someone new signs up on site they will be awarded the specified amount of points. This only applies to new customers singing up to your site, and we do not historically award these points for previous customers

Make a Purchase πŸ› (Free Plan or higher)

Here you can select this based on the amount spent or placing an order. We recommend doing this per amount spent to allow better management on how much each point is worth.

You can exclude certain products, such as gift cards, from having points awarded when they are purchased. This is based on the Product SKU, so if you update the SKU, you will need to update the product exclusion too.

Note: Product Exclusions are only available on the plus plan or higher.

If the product you’re looking for isn’t appearing in the search, you may need to sync these. You can learn to do this here

Collection Exclusions

You can also exclude entire product collections from order earn rules πŸ‘‡

General Purpose

The general purpose earn rule is a rule that can be awarded for any action determined by you. You can set this Earn Rule by using API or a via Shopify Flow trigger.

Birthday πŸŽ‚ (Starter or higher)

The customer has to have had their birthday added to the account for at least one month before they are awarded

Social Media πŸ“² (Starter or higher)

When adding the social point rules, you will either need to provide the username, or link, for the account.

Landing Page πŸ“œ (plus or higher)

This allows you to direct customers to a specific page. For example, if you wanted your customers to interact with a blog or different social media that we don't support you can use this feature. We cannot verify what actions the customers do on the page, and the reward will be given for clicking the link.

Integration Earn Rules

There are further Earn Rules which are integration specific for πŸ‘‡


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