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Collaborator Access
Collaborator Access

Allow multi-user access to your account

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Introduction πŸ“–

Collaborator Access allows you to create user groups and invite people to from your team, or externally, to access the areas of the dashboard that you decide. This article will explain how to add, & manage, collaborators.


βœ… Plus Plan (5 Collaborators)

βœ… Enterprise Plan (Unlimited Collaborators)

Adding New Collaborators

To add new Collaborators navigate to Settings >> Collaborator Access

Click Add User Groups and give this a name, and select whatever permissions you'd like the user group to have.

Once this is created you can press Invite Collaborator - enter their email and select which user group you'd like them to belong to, then press invite. This will then invite the user to join your account.

Managing Collaborators

By clicking on the Collaborators email, you have the option to edit their user group, or remove them entirely as a collaborator

You are also able to enable or disable login via the Shopify app. This can be useful if you have staff accounts within Shopify that you don't want to be able to access

Note: By default, anyone accessing via the Shopify App will have full access to the account

Accepting a Collaborator Invite

There are two different emails that you may receive, depending on if you already have an account or not.

Existing User

You will just need to accept the request, and this will take you to the new dashboard.

New User

If you are a new user you will need to sign up to, once you have signed up you will be able to access the store you have been invited to.

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