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POS - Scan Loyalty Card
POS - Scan Loyalty Card
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Introduction πŸ“–

Using the POS App, you are able to scan your customer's loyalty cards. Optimal for brick-and-mortar stores offering physical loyalty reward cards!

Navigation πŸ“

To add the Scan Loyalty Card tile you'll need to click Add Tile > App > > Scan Loyalty Card & then click Save πŸ‘‡

Instructions βš™οΈ

First, you'll need to click the Scan Loyalty Card tile > Scan the customer's QR code πŸ‘‡

This will apply the customer to the existing cart. Until a product is added to the cart the customer's available point balance and promotions are unable to be used. A product can be added to the cart by using the Search tool and searching the product title πŸ‘‡

Now the cart has a product and a loyalty card scanned an promotion can be applied. In the example below the Β£10 off POS discount is added! πŸ‘‡

More information can be found on the tiles in the main POS article here πŸ‘ˆ

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