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POS - Loyalty Cards
POS - Loyalty Cards

Give your customers Loyalty Cards to allow for quick access to their accounts in-store

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Introduction πŸ“–

The Loyalty Card allows you to access the customer's account straight away, without needing to check their email, so you access their points & redeem any rewards in-store.


βœ… Plus plan or higher

πŸ› Shopify POS

Note: To make use of this feature you'll first need to install the POS tile, which is explained here.

Navigation πŸ“

Select Widgets on the left hand side to open the Widget Library and select Loyalty Card

Instructions βš™οΈ

Here you can make any changes to the look of the card, such as background & text colour. You can also upload your logo and a banner image.

Within the editor, you can also enable this on the Popup or Floating widget πŸ‘‡

As well as having the option to add this into the listed widgets, this is also added to Shopify as an app block to add it wherever you'd like on the site.

For example, you could add this to the customer account page, or create a dedicated loyalty card option to make it easy for your customers to find whilst they're shopping in-store. To do this add a new section, and search for "Loyalty Card" and then save your theme to view the card on the site.

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