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Checkout Extension
Checkout Extension

Allow your customers to redeem rewards, and use their discounts directly in the checkout page

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βœ… Active Plan

πŸ›’ Checkout Plus

Navigation πŸ“

Within the Shopify customiser, navigate to the Checkout section πŸ‘‡

You then need to press "Add App" and select the Checkout Point Redemption

Save your theme and the widget is installed! πŸŽ‰

Note: You will not be able to see this in the Shopify Preview, this will only be visible to logged-in customers.

Instructions βš™οΈ

The widget will allow your customers to view rewards that they have redeemed within the widgets and add these to the basket πŸ‘‡

They are also able to redeem new rewards if they have enough points. If you are using the incremental point reward, they are able to select the amount of points they want to redeem directly in the checkout

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