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Referral Tracking & Exclusions
Referral Tracking & Exclusions

Track the Referral progress, and exclude customers if required

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Introduction 📖

You can track referral progress, allowing you to see what discounts have been created, if they have been used, and if there are any issues with completing the referral process.

Requirements Starter plan or Higher

Navigation 📍

Navigate to Analytics >> Activity >> Referrals

Instructions ⚙️

Within this section, you can then view the status of the referrals and change this based on each stage of the referral process.

If you click into the customer you can see who owns the referral link, and who it is they’ve sent it to. Within here, you can click show details, and it will show you the voucher code that has been generated.

It will also tell you if the voucher has been used. If it has been used by the correct customer, this will be completed & you will be able to see the voucher information for the referrer.

If the wrong email has been used, it will flag this with a warning. You can then use the voucher code to search within your system and check who has used the voucher.

If you have your referrals set to be based on the customers first order, the referral will still be completed if the referred friend places an order without the discount

Exclusions ❌

📍 Navigate to Customers

If you notice a customer taking advantage of the referral program you can exclude them from this. Preventing them from referring anyone else, or claiming any more rewards for this.

Once you have found the customer you want to exclude, you can then press the “Exclude from referrals”. This will prevent their link from working.

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