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Member Vs. Guest Accounts
Member Vs. Guest Accounts

The difference between Member & Guest Accounts.

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Within there are two different types of user profiles that exist:

🎖 Members

🧳 Guests

Both of these customer types can collect points, but only Member accounts can access the points and use them.

A Member is anyone who has created an account on your store (They will have a Username & Password and are able to login)

A Guest Account is a customer who has placed an order on your store, but not created a full profile.

If you navigate to Customers you can view the individual customer accounts and see which type of account a customer has.

You can also control who will receive your emails. This can be useful if you don’t want to alert guest accounts of any point activity on their account.

📍 Navigate to Emails

Here you can select which customers you want to receive the emails. This setting is global, so it controls all emails. You can’t change the setting for specific email templates.

We do push this event data to Klaviyo. If you are using Klaviyo to send out your emails, you will need to control this within the flows using the event, as the setting within the dashboard will not alter anything in your Klaviyo account.

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