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Attentive Integration
Attentive Integration

How to connect and utilise the - Attentive integration.

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Introduction πŸ“–

Automatically trigger Journeys when customers trigger events on such as earn or redeem loyalty points, start or complete referrals or change loyalty tiers.


βœ… Starter plan or higher

🧩 Active Attentive account

Navigation πŸ“

Navigate to Integrations >> Attentive & press Install

Instructions βš™οΈ

You will then be asked to confirm you're connecting the relevant accounts with each other to ensure you don't connect the wrong stores.

This will then take you through to Attentive to authenticate the app and authorize the app πŸ‘‡

Once you have connected the apps you will be taken back to the dashboard where you see that you have successfully connected the two accounts. sends custom attributes about a customer including their point balance, current tier and referral URL. Use this information to create segments and send tailored SMS marketing to customers.

Documentation πŸ“‘

Properties Sent to Attentive 🏘

  • Point Balance

  • Tier ID

  • Tier Title

  • Referral Code

  • Referral URL

  • Customer Member Status

  • Value of property will be on of: Members or Guests

  • Birthday - (Formatted as 0000-MM-DD as does not ask customer for their year of birth.)

Events Sent to Attentive πŸŽͺ

  • Earned Points

  • Redeemed Points

  • Changed Tier

  • Referral Started

  • Referral Completed

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