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Tapcart Integration
Tapcart Integration

Connect to your Tapcart account

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Integrate loyalty widgets seamlessly into your Tapcart mobile app to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.


βœ… An active Tapcart account

⭐️ Plus plan or higher

Navigation πŸ“

  • Sign in to your dashboard

  • Click Integrations >> Tapcart

Instructions βš™οΈ

1. Access Tapcart Custom Blocks

Log in to your Tapcart dashboard and access the Custom Block Editor

Click the option to create a new Custom Block and give it a unique and descriptive name, we'd recommend using the widget name.

Screenshot of Tapcart dashboard

2. Widget Selection

Three different widgets can be used within TapCart:

  • Fullpage

  • StampCard

  • Loyalty Card

Use the relevant tab to select which widget you would like to install

3. Configure HTML

Within the dashboard, use the "Copy" button to get the HTML for our widget

& then paste this into the HTML section in TapCart

Screenshot of Tapcart Custom Block Editor

4. Configure JavaScript

Repeat step three, but using the JavaScript instead

5. Save and Publish βœ…

Save your Tapcart Custom Block configuration and Publish the Custom Block to apply the changes to your Tapcart app!

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