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Migrate Your Loyalty Program to (Point Import)
Migrate Your Loyalty Program to (Point Import)

A walkthrough guide for new users to switching from an existing loyalty provider.

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πŸ”„ Switching your loyalty program to offers a seamless experience for both merchants and customers.

To ensure a smooth transition, follow the comprehensive steps outlined below.

Step 1: Integration with Shopify 🀝

Begin by integrating with your Shopify store. Once completed, navigate to the Loyalty Program tab.

Check out our Shopify Installation Guide for more in-depth details.

Step 2: Earn & Redeem Configuration πŸ‘‡

a. Disable the Earn & Redeem section temporarily.

b. Create Earn Rules to define how customers can accumulate points.

c. Establish Redeem Rules to outline how customers can redeem their earned points.

Step 3: Referral Program Setup: πŸ—£οΈ

Define Referral Rules to encourage customers to refer others to your loyalty program. This helps expand your customer base.

πŸ“– Check out our Referrals Support Article for more in-depth details on how to set up a referral.

Step 4: Email Sending Setup: πŸ“§

a. Integrate Klaviyo to streamline your email communication.

b. Create flows using events to automate email communication.

c. Optionally, utilize's inbuilt emails for a quicker start, transitioning to Klaviyo at a later date.

Step 5: Widgets Configuration: 🎨

a. Select the desired widgets for your loyalty program. Choose from the Full Page, Floating, and Pop-Up widgets.

b. Customize widgets to match your brand.

c. Install the widgets on a duplicate Shopify theme to avoid disruptions to your live store.

d. Make any additional custom changes necessary to run the program seamlessly.

Step 6: Tiers Implementation:πŸ…

Import your tiers & points from a previous platform so that you have a seamless transition from your old loyalty program provider to

πŸ“– Read more about How To Import Points in our detailed support article.

πŸ‘€ Take a look at our Tier Import Instructions for more detailed support on importing your existing loyalty tiers.

πŸ‘‰ Check out our Referrals Support Article for more in-depth details on how to set up a referral.

Step 7: Going Live: πŸ–₯️

a. Export data from your current loyalty program provider (e.g., Yotpo).

b. Provide customer point balances and Tiers to

c. Enable the Earn & Redeem section in the dashboard.

d. Once data is imported, and confirms, make your loyalty program widgets live.

By following these comprehensive steps, you can successfully migrate your loyalty program to, ensuring a smooth transition for both you and your customers.

If you encounter any issues during the migration process, reach out to our support team for assistance.

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