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StampCard - Settings

Setup how the StampCard will function

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Introduction πŸ“–

The StampCard is a great way to encourage loyalty, and retain customers by offering set rewards after a specific amount of orders.


βœ… Starter Plan or higher
​*Some settings require the plus plan, which will be highlighted with an asterisk

Navigation πŸ“

Go to Loyalty Program >> Stamp Card

Instructions βš™οΈ

To learn how to customise the widget, please click here.

Reward Customers

This allows you to select which rewards you would like to offer on any given stamp. The rewards that you can select are in line with our other redeem rules, which you can see here

Add a reward πŸ‘‡

When creating a reward, you will have the option of what stamp this will be able awarded on. This allows you to offer smaller rewards whilst someone is earning stamps - such as free shipping, or smaller discounts.

Adding Rewards at different stamp positionsπŸ‘‡

Earning Condition

The Earning Condition allows you to select how a customer is going to earn stamps:

  • Product - If a customer orders 3 of the selected product on a single order, they will receive three stamps

  • Whole Order - The customer will receive one stamp per order, provided the minimum spend is met

  • Collection - If a customer orders multiple items within the selected collection on a single order, they will receive multiple stamps

If the product or collection isn't showing up in the settings you may need to resync this within the settings - learn how to do this here

General Settings

  • StampCard Prefilling* - This allows you start the program with pre-filled stamps on the card. This further incentivizes customers to collect stamps, as it will appear as though progress has been made from the very start.
    If you select 2 prefilled slots and have 8 slots on the stamp card, this will mean the customer only has to collect 6 further stamps to complete the card

  • Number of Slots - This is the amount of stamps that a user will have to collect before completing the card

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