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Send from Own Email Address
Send from Own Email Address
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Introduction πŸ“–

Use your own email address as the sender email address for notification emails going out to customers!

Navigation πŸ“

To locate this feature you'll need to navigate to Emails > Edit Email options > Add new email πŸ‘‡

Instructions βš™οΈ

First, you will need to click Add new email and enter in your desired email address. Then click add which will send a verification email to that address. You'll see that this is now set to pending πŸ‘‡

Then you'll need to navigate to your email platform and click on the verification link that has been sent. If you find that you are yet to receive this verification email, please click the three dots and resend verification like so:

When you have verified this address you will be able to click the three dots to set up your DKIM πŸ‘‡

Clicking this will display this pop-up πŸ‘‡

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