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Gorgias Integration
Gorgias Integration

View your customers influence data directly within Gorgias

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Introduction πŸ“–

Our Gorgias integration allows you to access your customer's loyalty account directly within the system. Having this information on hand allows you to easily answer any questions that your customers may have about their account & the platform.


βœ… Starter plan or higher

🧩 Active Gorgias account

Navigation πŸ“

Navigate to Integrations >> Gorgias & enter your Gorgias Helpdesk URL & press Install

Instructions βš™οΈ

You will then be asked to confirm you're connecting the relevant accounts with each other, to ensure you don't accidentally connect the wrong stores.

This will then take you through to Gorgias to authenticate the app, and authorize the app

Once you have connected the apps, you will be taken back to the dashboard, where you can disconnect or reauthorize the app.

You can use the Reauthorize button if you notice any issues, such as the customers' points or tiers not updating in Gorgias correctly.

Note: It is important to note that we do not backfill the customer information, this will only be pushed through to Gorgias once the customer has point activity occur after the integration is setup

Now that everything is integrated with Gorgias, you can see the data within the right-hand sidebar for the relevant customer within Gorgias πŸ‘‡

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