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Getting Started - Shopify
Getting Started - Shopify

A walkthrough guide for new users to's Platform to setup your first Loyalty & Rewards program.

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1. Enable Registrations on your Shopify Store

You will first need to make sure you have customer accounts enabled in your Shopify store settings. In order for customers to be able to earn & collect points, they need to be able to create customer accounts πŸ‘₯

First, select Enable Registrations on the homepage of your dashboard βœ…

This will take you to your checkout settings in Shopify. Ensure that under the Customer Accounts tab, the Accounts are required or Accounts are optional checkbox is selected. Hit save once you have done so πŸ‘‡

2. Set up Reward Campaigns πŸ›

There are multiple ways you can reward your customers, allowing you to create a platform that is tailored to your customers.

This will provide a basic overview of how to create your first rules within each area, however, there will be further documentation linked which will go into more detail if you wanted to learn more.

The following settings can all be found within the Loyalty Program tab on the left-hand-side of the dashboard:

Earning Points 🎰

πŸ“ Navigate to the Earn & Redeem section under the Loyalty Program tab

Here you can set up methods of how your customers can earn points. You can reward your customers for completing actions such as making purchases, following your social media accounts and more

By selecting the Add Options To Earn button, you'll be presented with a list of actions that your customers can take πŸ‘‡

Select one and set a points reward to activate this particular action.

Repeat this process for all actions you would like your customers to take and be rewarded with πŸ‘‡

Note: For further information about all of the earn rules that are available, you can find this here

Redeem Points 🎟

πŸ“ Navigate to the Earn & Redeem section under the Loyalty Program tab.

Below the Earn Rules you are able to set up how your customers can redeem their points, include discounts on future orders, free shipping and more.

As seen in the above video, select the Add Ways To Redeem Points button and you'll be presented with a list of ways customers can redeem rewards.

Select one and follow the instructions to set up your first reward redemption method.

Repeat this process for all rewards you would like your customers to receive.

Note: For further information about all of the redeem rules which are available you can find this Here

Points Settings

This section allows you to adjust points settings such as what your points are called.

I suggest renaming your points to something on brand, so it is a customised rewards program that your customers can take advantage of.

Points Expiry πŸ—“

Manage when points expire. Expiring points is an effective way to re-engage customers who haven't shopped with you in a while.

You are able to set an expiration date on your points to ensure customers take advantage of their rewards before a certain time limit.

Once you have completed the above steps, you can enable the program by toggling your Earn and Redeem page to Active.

3. Referrals

Note: You need to be on the Starter plan or higher to access this section

Referrals are a great way to attract new customers, by allowing your existing customers to refer their friends in exchange for rewards.


Reward customers & their friends:

Both sides get rewarded, the referrer and the referee. You can set up the rewards for referrals in this section πŸ‘‡

You must have a Referred Friend Reward set for the Referral reward to display in your widgets. Select Add Reward for both Customers, and Friends and set up the reward you would like to provide for each of them.

You can set this up as you did with the Earn & Reward functionality above.

Once you have completed the above steps, you can enable the program by toggling your Referral's page to Active.

If you need further information about referrals you can find this Here

4. Emails πŸ“§

Note: You are able to do all of the email sending via Klaviyo instead of our platform, but this does require you to be on the Starter plan or higher. You can find out more information on how to do this here.

Edit the way your loyalty program widget and emails look like. You may change colours so it matches your brand.

Email Branding

Emails are sent to your customers based on certain stages of the loyalty journey that they are at. These include:

πŸ“© Emails about earning & redeeming points:

  • Points earned

  • Reward redeemed

  • Birthday reward

πŸ“© Emails about referrals:

  • Friend receives reward

  • Customer receives reward

βž• Misc

  • Point Expiry Warning

To edit these email templates, select Emails on the left-hand side menu. Then select Edit on the email template you would like to design.

Within the email editor, you can design your email by changing the banner image, content and buttons πŸ‘‡

An example of a designed email template would look something like the below πŸ‘‡

We suggest going through and editing each email template you plan to use to stay on brand with your company. Once you had done so, be sure to toggle the email template to Active within the email editor to ensure these begin sending to your customers once the program was live.

5. Widgets

To install the widgets on your site you need to go to Home >> Widgets

There are three different widgets that are available, for more specific options on each of these, you can click on the widget name to be taken to the relevant article πŸ‘‡

  • Floating (available on all plans)

  • Pop-up (Starter or higher)

  • Full page (Starter or higher)

  • Headless Widget (Plus or higher)

Going to the Widgets tab within the dashboard you can view the widget customiser to make changes to colours and overall design to ensure that this matches your branding on your site. The level of customisation you can apply is dependent on the plan you’re on, the specific options for each widget are explained in the widget articles linked above

6. Going Live βœ…

Once you had completed all of the above steps, head back to the Home button on the left-hand menu and select Enable Programs.

You then have the ability to activate all parts of your program and apply each of the widgets to your live site which will automatically be installed.

Good luck πŸ™Œ and if you have any questions about the platform feel free to use the live chat in the bottom right of your dashboard!

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